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Star Solar Shield

Star Solar Shield is resistant to high temperatures and suitable for all climate and weather conditions.

Environmental weather has a detrimental impact on the operational efficiency of Star Solar Shield. It is a transparent non-stick coating that aims to optimize efficiency, and lower operation and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for cleaning.


Anti-static properties and does not allow dust particles to stay on the panel.
Super hydrophobic coating which repels water and gives it superior protection.
It's unique features like dust repellence and self-cleaning nature increases the life period of any solar panel to a great extent.
A highly advanced coating that offers self-cleaning features and eliminates surface contamination within no time.
A coating that lasts long by providing quality assurance of at least five years.

Self Cleaning & Anti Soiling

Self-cleaning features which has minimal effect on the transmission and scattering of solar radiation between the wavelengths of 250 to 3,000nm, optimizing the efficiency and reducing maintenance costs of PV systems.

Dirt & Dust build-up can reduce solar power output up to 50%.
Self cleaning hydrophobic, anti-reflective, heat resistant increases its efficiency.

Resistant To High Temperatures

Stable to temperatures in excess of upto 150 degrees

How to apply

Star Solar Shield is easy to apply

Clean the panel and let it dry

Apply one layer of Solar Shield