Star Metal Shield

Star Metal Shield is a Completely Transparent coating that can be applied on any surface of Metal or Ceramic without compromising on its original look.

Star Metal Shield is a nano-modified ultra hydrophobic metal coating that provides protection from external damage and reduces wear and tear. It is a tough and non-sticky coating with a reduced coefficient of friction.

  1. Tough and non-stick coating with an added layer of protection.
  2. Long-term durability and protection against oxidation or degeneration.
  3. Protection from water, dust and oil with easier clean-up and other performance benefits.
  4. Flexible and resists movement to prevent chipping and scratching of the metal surface underneath the coating.

Other magical benefits of Star Metal Shield


Ultra-Hydrophobic Coating

Chemical and Acid Resistant

Scratch Resistant And Anti Graffiti

Rust Proof

Transparent Coating