Star Heat Shield

Nano-modified anti heat coating for glass surface

45% of heat comes through glass. Thus glass intensifies heat and causes the green house effect. Glass facades create more heat transfer and make the office and home more heated than needed which results into consistent use of AC thus increasing operating costs.

What Makes It Different
  1. Reduces heat by 21.4 C.
  2. Reduces Air conditioning cost by up to 20%.
  3. Block IR rays & UV rays by up to 96% without blocking visibility of the sun.

Heat tends to travel from a hot atmosphere to cool. Glass has the property to trap heat which eventually increases your room’s, office’s temperature and increases AC bills. Star Heat Shield saves by up to 20% on air conditioning costs.

Other magical benefits of Star Heat Shield

Improve interior comfort

High payback

High quality with less cost

Maintenance free & highly durable

Solve dual purpose

Increased efficiency

High Durability

Reduced Air Conditioning cost by up to 20%

Star Heat Shield blocks up to 96% of infrared rays which results in heat reduction and keeps the interior cool. Thus less AC pressure leads to lesser AC expense.

Other magical benefits of Star Heat Shield

Variants of Star Heat Shield (Finish)

Transparent Finish

Tinted Finish

Frosted Finish