Star Cool Shield

Star Cool shield is a heat reflective and insulating coating that reflects up to 97% of sun rays and dwindles the heat which in turn keeps the interiors cool and reduces Air conditioning cost by up to 19.2%.

How it Works

Unlike other Roof coatings, Star Coolshield not only rejects solar heat but also adds insulating additives and Nano Air Bubbles that act as barriers against heat and increase the cooling effect.. & thus provides extra cooling.

What Makes It Different

Water Repellant

Extra Cooling

Enhance Life Time Of Roof

Overall Protection

6 Magical Benefits of using Star Cool Shield


Excellent resistance To water


Enhance the Lifetime of building


High on quality, low on cost


Laminates any surface


Improved house life


High Payback


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Roof tops


Industrial Sheds

Water tanks

Roof tops


Industrial Sheds

Water tanks

Reduced Air Conditioning cost by up to 19.2%

As Star Cool Shield reflects up to 97%, thus it reduces the heat penetration from the roof, keeping the interior cool & comfortable, which in-turn reduces the load & cost of air-conditioning as it would require less energy.