MAUS uses an innovative and environmentally friendly active potassium-based smoke formula to effectively extinguish a fire while leaving no extinguishing residues, causing no damage to the engine, electrical, or electronic devices. All MAUS fire extinguishers are effective, portable, and easy to use.

MAUS Xtin Klein

The Xtin Klein is extremely portable and stowable. Use our wall mount to prominently place a MAUS fire extinguisher in your home, car, boat or camper. The Xtin Klein's small profile means that it will fit in your car glove compartment, or the pocket of your rucksack.

The Xtin Klein fire extinguisher is powerful, easy to use, maintenance-free and leaves no residue. Not only is the MAUS Xtin Kleinthe the world's smallest extinguisher, but it is also the most versatile. Use the holster accessory to keep on your belt or use the bracket provided to provide easy access.

Maus Xtin Klein is certified for fighting fires in:

Class B (liquid fuel such as oil, petrol, and lighter fluid), Class C (gas fires such as LPG & ammonia. In addition to class B and C certification, it is capable of fighting minor fires in classes: A (wood, paper and plastics) and F (cooking oil and food grease), As well as smaller electric fires. It is not capable of fighting burning metals and emergency flares.

MAUS Xtin Klein

MAUS Xtin Grand, the firefighter of the future, extinguishes fires with potassium-based smoke. It is 3 times as powerful as MAUS Xtin Klein, it produces nontoxic residue & the smoke is completely harmless. There is no explosion hazard in case of fire or extreme pressure (collision). It works in temperatures ranging from -20 C - +60 C.

Maus Xtin Grand is CERTIFIED by RINA S.p.A in class B (liquid fuel such as oil, petrol, and lighter fluid) and class C (gas fires such as LPG and ammonia). In addition, B and C, It is capable of fighting minor fires in classes A (wood, paper and plastics) F (cooking oil and food grease), and smaller electric fires. Suitable application in larger vehicles, racing cars, boats, all industrial premises & other professional areas.

MAUS Stixx

The Maus Stixx is ideal for enclosed areas such as Electrical Distribution Boards as well as other enclosed spaces such as:

Office - Server Rooms

At home- Refrigerator/Freezer, Washing Machine/Tumble Dryer Ina boat-engine space In a camper, Photovoltaic regulator.

This fire suppression sticker protects the fire protect the products exposed at a temperature of 380° (this is typically within 3-5 seconds of the fire starting). A chemical reaction releases harmless inert gases that encapsulate and extinguish the burning particles in the space.

  1. No cables, No electricity, No pressure and No battery.
  2. Smaller than a highlighter pen.
  3. Protects 0,1 m3 (example 100x 50 x 20 cm).
  4. 1000/o non-toxic and environmentally friendly potassium mix.
  5. Smaller than a highlighter pen.


MAUS Stixx PRO is a fire suppression unit that automatically extinguishes fires in larger spaces in the event of a fire. With a capacity to protect spaces up to 0.5 m3, the MAUS Stixx PRO is five times more powerful than MAUS Stixx PRO (which can only handle 0.1m3). The small size but with it's large capacity makes the product a unique fire protection product on the market. The product can also be equipped with a detector cable that can be attached to the unit, which means that you have greater and faster detection in larger power stations and switch gears.

MAUS Dekke Fire Blanket

When the Consumer Agency carried out a test of fire blankets, none of the well-known brands passed the test. A fire blanket must be SSEN3: 1997 certified and be of the dimensions 1.2 x 1.8m to be able to cover a person in the event of a fire. Our fire blanket MAUS Dekke meets those requirements!.

We strongly believe that fire safety can blend naturally into our homes and that MAUS is that natural safety option. Do not sacrifice space or style. Let MAUS be versatile and always available solution. In the car, in the boat, or in your home. Let's offer something visible but that blends in, taking up little space but can make a huge difference.

POCKETS! The MAUS Dekke Home and MAUS Dekke Mobile now have pockets that will save your hands from getting burned while fighting the fire.

MAUS Rauch

MAUS Rauch WIFI is the smart photoelectric I optical smoke alarm that will send notifications to your Smartphone, in case of a fire.

You can also use it without the smartphone application.

Connect as many units as you wish to have full control of any fire in your office, storage rooms, house, boat, caravan, or summer cottage.

The optical smoke detector is able to detect glowing ember fires very fast.


Extend MAUS Xtin Klein with Nozzle Klein and insert it into the Fire Port of the boat, under the bonnet of the vehicle, or in any other space where you do not want to open a door, hatch, or cabinet to fight the fire.


The holster is used by Alarm Assistance, a security company that is authorized by the County Administrative Board and the National Police Board. They are specialists in emergency response and they have always lacked a small, portable fire pro­ section until now. It is also used by the Police cyclists in Orebro for use when out on patrols.

HALTER Klein Protective Cover / Wall Brackets

HALTER Klein is a smart wall mount with a transparent protective cover that protects MOUS Xtin Klein from dust and splashes of water and fits neatly into a type of private and public spaces.