Hydro Flow

HydroFLOW® provides the ultimate in waler care technology lo domestic users as well as global business. industry and consumers .

In hard water areas limescole con be a major problem, causing blockages. requiring replacement of equipment and decreasing healing efficiency for domestic users as well as industry.

HydroFLOW® represents the pinnacle of limescole protection. and is designed to protect against hard limescole deposits in pipelines and on heating elements and surfaces. to protect appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.andlo make limescale-stained surfaces easier to clean.


From domestic units to commercial HydroFLOW® units ore working all over the world on multiple applications. treating carbonate and non-carbonate scaling and filtration issues in a wide variety of industries

HydroFLOW® HS40)

Home Limescale Protection for Larger Pipes. The HydroFLOW® HS40 is designed for domestic systems and is especially suitable for multi bath-roomed homes. Similar to its cousin the HS38. the larger and more powerful HS40 is designed to offer a chemica l-free alternative in addressing the effects of new and existing hard limescole encrustation on plumbing systems and the impact that this hard limescale has on the effic iency of and longevity of boilers and their increased energy usage. The unit con be fitted around pipes of up to 63mm diameter and of any material with no plumbing required.

Hydro FLOW® C Range

Limescole Protection for Commercial Applications. The C Range is designed for limescale protection for heating.ventilation and plumbing services in offices. schools. hotels and other commercial buildings. These types of building con suffer from the effects of hard limescale build up on their boilers and on their heating and cooling equipment. This build up con not only reduce their overall efficiency. but can lead to expensive and time consuming maintenance or indeed to premature equipment failure. The applied signal can travel throughout the system including the cold services as well as the hot services. meaning that other equipment is similarly protected and deposits on sinks. laps etc. ore easier to clean. The C Range is designed to offer a chemical-free alternative in addressing the effects of new and existing hard limescole encrustation on commercial boilers. heat exchangers and cooling systems. Standard units are available up to 200mm in diameter.

HydroFLOW® HS38

Suitable for Installation in houses

HydroFLOW® S38

For Light Commercial Applications


For pools. hot tubs. spas, water features


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