Hydroflow HS40

Limescale build-up in domestic heating systems can cause blockages, necessitating replacement of equipment, decreasing heating efficiency and thereby increasing costs. Just 0.8 mm of limescale can decrease heating efficiency by as much as 10%.

The HS40 is the solution for hard limescale deposits in the larger home. It is designed to protect your heating system, as well as appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, and to make limescale-stained taps, sinks, and bathtubs easier to clean.

Unlike a water softener, the HS40 does not chemically alter the water or remove minerals. Instead, it applies an electric field so that scale forms in suspension in the water, rather than as a hard encrustation on heating elements and pipe surfaces. The HS40 fits easily around existing pipework on the cold feed to where the water is heated, for example on the inlet to a hot water cylinder or the inlet to a combination boiler.


• Signal monitor light
• PSU: Input 110-240V AC
• Unit: Input 12V AC/DC
• Max power: 1.2 W
• Weight approx: 300grams
• Dimensions: H 152 x W 118 x D45mm
• Maximum pipe diameter 63mm OD
• Lead length 3m

Effect of Scale Deposits in Boilers – Results of studies made by the University of Illinois and the US Bureau of Standards published in National Institute of Standards and Technology, Handbook 115, Supplement 1. UK Carbon Trust Technology Overview CTV008.


HydroFLOW® units are working all over the world on multiple applications, treating carbonate and non-carbonate scaling and
filtration issues in a wide variety of industries.

• From residential to heavy industry
• From spa to steel mills
• Suitable for any pipe material
• From 15mm to 1500+mm OD pipe diameter