ELMARK lighting and fixtures are manufactured in accordance with all European standards and requirements, providing comprehensive solutions at competitive prices with a warranty of up to 5 years.

The perfect combination of quality and variety of lighting products in one place. We offer a unique collection of Modem, Classic, or Vintage to suit every design and requirement.

Indoor Lighting

LED Downlights, LED Panels, Wall & ceiling lighting, LED Profiles, Waterproof lighting fixtures, LED emergency lighting, Track lights and magnetic track lights, Acoustic lighting fixtures & baffles, Lighting fixture

Outdoor Lighting

Garden lighting, Facade lighting, Ground recessed fixtures, Waterproof wall and ceiling lighting, Waterproof fixtures, LED floodlights, LED street lighting, LED Industrial lighting, SOLAR lighting

Decorative Lighting

Modern collection, Lux collection, Crystal collection, Design collection

Lamp & Components

LED lamps, Vintage lamps, LED tubes, LED strips & components and Neon

Switch & Sockets

Cable & Conductors

Cables & conductors for installations, Low voltage power cables, Rubber insulated cables, Communication - high fidelity cables, PVC Insulated cables

Why use Compostable Plastics ?

Degradation Time

Non - Toxic

Carbon Footprint

Less ENergy & Water Usage

Sustainable & Ecofriendly

Financial Benefit