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We offer a distinctive environment delivering robust, agile, environmentally conscious solutions to optimize your existing technology's functionality.

Our dedication lies in empowering your current technology, enabling efficient and cost-effective energy management. From Power and Gas to Liquid, HVAC systems, and Temperature control, our solutions cover a spectrum as vast as your imagination, offering monitoring, counting, management, control, and analysis capabilities.

We guarantee maximum returns on your investment by optimizing technology with a focus on Greentech. This not only directly reduces pollution but also boosts your company's profitability.

We can Help you with


Airtron is the World's First & Only Programmable, Dual-Sensor Driven Microprocessor. Which saves up to 35% Electricity on all Air Conditioners.

Star Cool Shield

Unlike other Roof coatings, Star Cool shield not only rejects solar heat but also adds insulating additives and Nano Air Bubbles that act as barriers against heat and increases the cooling effect.


Air-0-Water is India's # 1 air-to-water purifier made using green technology that harvests water from the humidity in the air.


Water can be saved by installing water-saving fixtures at washrooms or utility areas. This very process reduces water wastage without any compromise.

Star Heat Shield

45% of heat comes through glass. Thus glass intensifies heat and causes Green House effect. Glass facades creates more heat transfer and makes the office and home more heated.

Hydro Flow

HydroFLOW® provides the ultimate in water care technology to domestic users as well as global business. industry and consumers.

Earth Fokus

Range of water-saving retrofits that cut consumption by up to 90%


CoronaVirus, adenovirus, murine, noroVirusHIV, HSV, HPV, HBV


The Xtin Klein is extremely portable and stowable. Use our wall mount to prominently place a MAUS fire extinguisher in your home, car, boat or camper.


ELMARK lighting and fixtures are manufactured in accordance with all European standards and requirements, providing comprehensive solutions at competitive prices with a warranty by up to 5 years.

Star Paint Shield

Star Paint Shield+ is an advanced version of Star Paint Shield that provides extra performance benefits, more protection and longer durability due to advanced technology.


Star Metal Shield is a Completely Transparent coating which can be applied on any surface of Metal or Ceremic without compromising on its original look.


Star Solar Shield is resistant to high temperatures and suitable to all climate and weather conditions.


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Benefits of Using Esmart Products

  1.  Innovative water saving solution
  2.  Low capital investment
  3.  Cuts your electricity bill by up to 35%
  4.  ⁠Cloud based innovative softwares and solutions
  5.  Protection from heat, dust, rain and pollution

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Valuable Feedback

Our Testimonials

shiham rushdi

Ind eSmart International supplied ECO 365 water savers to a ADNHC managed facility in Abu Dhabi, and we have experienced over 50% savings in water consumption after installation. We thank the eSmart team for advising us on effective solutions to reduce our maintenance costs and promote sustainability.

Mustansir Golwala

We are pleased by the service and advise offered by ESmart team to help us with the ideal solutions as per our requirement. eSmart solutions offer high Savings and an attractive ROI.

Glass Rus

We are glad to use eSmart eco-solutions to cut down on our overhead costs. Water savers were installed in our office and we found water wastage reduced to 50% D’Scall solved our lime scale issues and now we experience clear soft water. The Airtron units which were installed for our Air conditioners, showed a reasonable saving on our power bills along with Cool Shield that provided more energy saving keeping the interior cooler. Anti-aging Battery Boosters were installed for all our company vehicles to enhance the life of the batteries. eSmart team is pro-active and ready to assist any time on the ideal solutions required. I recommend “eSmart”, as a reliable name for sustainable solutions.


A loud cheer to Ind ESmart Intl, especially Mr Ghulam Ally and his team. We are a large sized automotive distributor in the MENA region, and had a requirement to heat insulate our workshop/warehouse in Abu Dhabi. A traditional insulation provider quoted us a bomb, that is when Mr Ghulam suggested us to go for their heat reflective paint, and we went for it as it was almost one- 3rd the price of roof insulation. The paint was easily applied without much manpower requirement and has brought down the room temperature inside by almost 10-15 deg C. Really thankful to Ind Esmart Intl to have made thus technology available to us and made our staff much happier and productive during thr peak summers.

Biju BS - Dubai

I had obtained energy savings operations for water and electricity from esmart for our facility in DIC , highly recommended with consultation for best results.

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