Heat Reducing Coating

Heat Reflective Coating:

The trends are worse in urban areas due to the urban heat island effect. Urban heat islands are formed because roofs and pavements, which cover 60 percent of urban surfaces, absorb more than 80 percent of the sunlight that contacts them and then converts that energy into heat. Hotter cities result in high energy costs, greater incidences of illness from air pollution, greater vulnerability to extreme heat events and lower quality of life for residents.

eSm@rt takes initiatives to address these issues by cooling buildings and cities by increasing the reflectivity of roofs and pavements

Highly reflective roofs can reduce the indoor temperatures of buildings by several degrees which lowers their cooling needs and thus results in net energy savings of approximately 10 to 20 percent. Cooler indoor temperatures can make unconditioned buildings more comfortable.

The Heat Reflective Coating system is compatible with all type of roofs – flat, slant, corrugated, industrial, residential, metal, masonry etc.


Technology – IR Reflection & Nanotechnology


IR Reflection technology & nanotechnology are responsible for reflecting precisely the IR wavelength spectrum from the total solar spectrum of Sun radiation

Figure courtesy of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, Berkeley, Calif. Figure 1: Peak-normalized solar spectral power more than half of all solar power arrives as invisible, "near-infrared" radiation

IR rays responsible for generating heat. When IR rays are absorbed by any surface it converts into heat energy
As per the conductivity of the substrate the heat is being transmitted inside and indoor temperature rises. Beside this reflectivity of IR rays; the heat is also being emitted in the atmosphere and increases the degree of atmospheric temperature. This again impacts the heat conduction indoors & this increases the Heat Island Effect. IR reflection technology stops the heat generation on the surface itself.

Apart from the effects of IR rays every substrate has the tendency to absorb certain amount of heat, which is responsible for prolonged effect of heating duration indoors. Now to tackle this tendency, emissivity of the roof also plays an important role. So for a good coating it’s important that its reflectivity & emissivity both are very high. For a good roof thus SRI value plays a great role, which is the ratio of reflectivity & emissivity of the coating.

What to expect from eSm@art Cool Roof Solution:

  • 1. Surface Reflective Index -130.
  • 2. Reduction in under deck surface temperature by 20 Deg C.
  • 3. Reduction in indoor air temperature by 20 deg C.
  • 4. Reduction Air conditioner running cost by 30%.
  • 5. Reduction in power consumption by 30%.
  • 6. Life of more than 10 years.