Ecolibrium Energy

 posted on 01 Apr, 2016

Ecolibrium Energy is a market leader in Energy Management Solutions in India. We help our customers increase operational efficiency, by minimising energy costs and improving productivity.
Ecolibrium Energy is a pioneer of Energy and Demand Side Management solutions for India and the Developing World. Ecolibrium Energy was incubated at IIM-Ahmedabad, and is supported by MNRE and IFC (World Bank).
We work with leading Commercial & Industrial consumers and Utilities, helping them intelligently monitor and proactively take actions to optimize energy consumption, resulting in increased Triple Bottom Line benefits. 
Our Products 
Smart Sense 
Ecolibrium Energy is a Pioneer in Energy and Demand Side Management Solutions helping Commercial & Industrial consumers and Power distribution companies to: 
1.Increase Operational efficiency and improve productivity 
2.Optimize cost of energy
3.Help identify and reduce Losses Ecolibriumcaters to more than 450+ clients across India and South East Asia, with more than 1400 MW under live monitoringacross 90 Million data points on a daily basis fromover 4000 nodes. 
Pioneering Energy Management 
1.India’s first smart power grid demonstration projectat the Gujarat Secretariatin Gandhinagar
2.India’s first model smart micro-grid at Solar energy Centre (SEC) in Gurgaon (MNRE Campus).
3.India’s first Automated Demand Response (ADR) pilotwith Maha Discom(MSEDCL) 
Grid Sense 
Ecolibrium Delivers Energy Intelligence to Utilities and its customers helping them create a world where every watt counts. 
Ecolibrium Energy is a Pioneer of Smart Grid solutions with a focus on Demand Side Management Solutions and optimization Analytics helping Utilities and its consumers of the Developing World to:
• Increase Operational efficiency and improve productivity 
• Optimize cost of energy 
• Help identify and reduce Losses